Abstract Submission

Abstracts will be received until August 1, 2024, 11:59 p.m., São Paulo Brazil time. Accepted works will be presented in poster format or proposed for oral presentation during the congress.

A special edition will be published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry containing the works that were presented at the event and subsequently approved by the reviewers.

On September 1, 2024, the accepted works and the presentation modality (poster/oral presentation) will be announced.

The abstract must be classified within the following topics
  1. Radiation processing of polymers and sustainable development goals
  2. Fundamentals on ionizing radiations interactions with polymers
  3. Polymer aging, chemical structure and properties modifications
  4. Polymers for packaging, food, health, biotechnology and space applications
  5. Design of new material using ionizing radiations: nanostructures and nanocomposites
  6. Crosslinking, curing and surface treatment and formation of hydrogels
  7. Biopolymers
  8. Polymer recycling
  9. Modification of polymers using swift heavy ions
  10. Radiation processing of natural polymers
  11. Emerging technologies and development of industrial applications
  12. Instruments and installation for irradiation of polymers
  13. Other applications of radiation on polymers

The file must be sent in word format (doc, docx).